Your arrival
  • Will someone from Oteego meet me at the apartment?
    Either you will be met personally at the apartment or our check-in staff will guide you to a self-check-in, whereby you can let yourself in. If you need a personal check-in that’s fine, just make sure to relate that to Oteego personal prior to your arrival.
  • Who is my point of contact?
    You will receive information after you book with the contact information for your point of content.
  • What are the basic equipments of a Oteego Apartment?
    Our apartments are designed and equipped to provide you with all the basic amenities you would need to live comfortably in the apartment
  • Do we need to bring ID or passport?
    Yes, you should bring government certified picture ID with you at arrival. This can be either a passport or a driving license
  • Will you need a security deposit?
    If applicable this will be outlined prior to you booking with us
  • What's the security deposit for?
    In case of a security deposit, it is held in case there are damages to anything inside the apartment that was caused as a result of you staying there.
  • Can I extend my stay once I'm in the apartment?
    Yes, you can notify your check-in manager and we will do our best to accommodate you
  • Should I provide my own linen and towels?
    We will provide you with fresh linen and towels
  • Should we wash our sheets before check out?
    This is not necessary
  • Are there any cleaning products in my holiday apartment?
    Very basic cleaning products are supplied
  • Do Oteego apartments have an internet connection?
    Yes, all Oteego apartments have internet
  • How many sets of keys will I get?
    You will get one set of keys
Your Stay
  • Who do I speak to if I experience issues with the apartment?
    You can speak directly with your check-in manager, who you will be connected with before your arrival to the apartment
  • Can I get a price quote without booking?
    Yes you can, just contact us through our contact page on the website, call us or send us a direct email. Include your requirements and we’ll give you a price quote
  • Can I cook in the apartment?
    Yes, all of our apartments have cooking facilities
  • Is it safe?
    Yes, our apartments are safe for children and adults.
House Rules

Arrivals and Departures
  • At what time can I check-in and check-out?
    Check-in is at 14:00 PM. Check-out is at 10:00 AM.
  • What if I want to have an early check-in or a late check-out?
    You can request this directly from your check-in manager. It is dependent on availability.
  • Can I store my luggage with you if I leave a little later or come earlier than my check-in time?
    This can be checked with your check-in manager. It is dependent on availability.
  • Will someone be there when I leave?
    After the check-out time, either the cleaner will be there or the check-in manager or both.
  • What should I do when I leave?
    Your check-in manager will advise, if there are any special requirements, but generally speaking, turn off any electrical or cooking devices and put the keys back were instructed.
  • Can I get a receipt for the payment?
    Once we receive payment from you, a digital receipt will be sent
  • Is water, internet and electricity included in the fee?
    Yes it is all included, unless a different agreement overrules this standard rule
  • Can I pay using my credit card?
    Yes, you can pay using your credit card
  • Can I pay using my PayPal account?
    Yes, you can pay with PayPal
  • Can I pay in dollars?
    Yes, you can pay in USD $
  • How much do I pay for cleaning fees?
    This is dependent on the apartment you rent with us
Can we help you with anything else?